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Scott Klusendorf

Scott Klusendorf is President of Life Training Institute and the author of The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture. Scott has taught pro-life apologetics at the graduate level at Biola University and Trinity Law School, and lectured at over 80 colleges and universities including Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Johns Hopkins, MIT, and the U.S. Air Force Academy - to name a few.

At the practical level, Scott helps pregnancy centers raise money to assist women facing unplanned pregnancies. The money raised helps women with shelter, baby clothes, parenting classes, and medical care.

Scott is a graduate of UCLA and holds a Master's degree in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. He and his wife Stephanie have been married since 1985 and they have 4 children.

Scott Klusendorf

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by Scott Klusendorf one of the top pro-life apologists in the nation--as he gives you insight into not only the abortion issue, but also the scientific, moral, and biblical responses Christians should be making now.


when you understand the effectiveness of Life Services of Spokane. In the midst of all of the challenges faced by our clients during the pandemic, Life Services of Spokane is doing everything needed to protect babies and minister to moms and dads.


when you realize not only the enormity of the threat posed by abortion in our own community, but recognize the God-given abilities you have to turn the tide and make a difference in the lives of your neighbors—both born and unborn.


to pray and join with others in support of Life Services of Spokane through special gifts tonight and/or ongoing monthly pledges.

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